Website Projects

Internetrix website projects involve a process of planning, creative design, technical development, usability testing and ongoing support of your website. The phases in completing a website project with Internetrix are explained below.



Prior to commencing a website project of any budget, we  construct an ecosystem sitemap and an information architecture report.

Creative Design

Once the ecosystem sitemap and information architecture report has been approved for production, our Interactive Designers get active and commence the creative concept cycle. Depending on the project budget we provide 1, 2, 3, or 4 initial concepts for you to review. All concepts are executions of the approved information architecture.


Art is subjective! Therefore we know, encourage and budget for rounds of revisions from the initial concepts which we created. Ultimately a revised concept becomes the final approved creative. Once the final is signed off for production we move into the HTML cut / slicing component.

HTML / Cut

Our creative artwork is developed as Photoshop layers. Taking approved creative Photoshop files to HTML that is ready for iPhones, iPads, Laptops and 24-inch wide screen monitors in any of the dominant browsers is a challenging process. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox love changing the way they interpret different HTML commands, and they are regularly releasing new browser versions. Throw in the Australian Government's Web Guide and WCAG 2.0 compliance directives for government work, and we end up with a lot of HTML / cutting and testing across platforms to complete! The outcome of this step is standards-compliant HTML and CSS files which are then handed over to our Software Development teams who get to build the website from a database, script and code perspective.

Content Management System (CMS) development

We spent 10 years building our own Freestyle Content Management System which is our proprietary CMS solution. Since 2010 and in recognition of the changing CMS industry we collaborated closely with SilverStripe in Wellington, New Zealand and now work closely with their open source Content Management System, called - wait for it, SilverStripe. We recommend SilverStripe as a great CMS solution. With its large community of developers across the world there's a constant flow of new modules available for customers to utilise, and if there isn't a ready-made module then we go ahead and build whatever is needed to get the required functionality.

Content Population, CMS Training & Usability Testing

Once we've built and internally acceptance-tested a new website project, we share the project on a staging development so both you and us can privately get the website ready to go live. Things that need to be done include usually publishing new content and images into the new pages using the easy-to-use, WYSIWYG Content Management System. Once content is done we complete our training courses so that you can self-manage from here on in.

Go live

It is a great feeling setting a new website live. Once the whole project team is sure that the website is ready, domain name system and server configuration files need to be tinkered with so that when users anywhere in the world type in the domain name of your new website, it shows up. The 'go live' process takes about a day to propagate across the internet, but once it's finished, the project is complete and the website is online.

Ongoing support, maintenance and hosting

Internetrix offers on-demand and prepaid maintenance agreements for ongoing website project support after 'go live'. Please contact your project manager who can discuss with you our rate card for ongoing support and maintenance regardless if it is planning, creative, technical or hosting costs.


So what do website projects cost? Internetrix delivers website projects that range across three price ranges:  1) $2000 to $7000, 2) $8000 to $25,000 and 3) $30,000 to $100,000.  To help understand the difference between a small budget project and a large budget project please send us your brief.

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