Freestyle - Proprietary CMS

Freestyle CMS by Internetrix lets you control and maintain your website in-house without technical skills or expertise, ensuring your site is always up-to-date.


Freestyle Core Features - $2295 ex

Login Anywhere

Access via any internet connection, using a secure link and login

Easy User Interface

Freestyle's intuitive screens allow you to take full control of your website

Rich Text Editor

Easily edit your website pages using the Freestyle rich text editor

Search Engine

Enable visitors to search your website content & documents

Spell Checking

The in-built spell checker highlights mistakes before you publish

Resource Library

Freestyle provides a central library to easily manage any file type

Embargo + Expiry

Set the time and date for your website pages to be published and removed

User Access Control

Create a login account with access permissions for your staff

Short Cuts

Create an alternative address for any website page


Optional Modules - $1500 each

Restricted Access

Control access to protected pages on your site

RSS Feed Compatible

Flag pages to be instantly published to your blog/feed

Advanced Access Control

Grant users permission to update specific pages

Dynamic News

Drive traffic to important content from the homepage


Advertise your products & services on selected pages

Site Map

Generate automatic sitemap for large websites


Allow comments to be posted to your website

Photo Gallery

Drag & drop images onto specific pages, & Freestyle will optimize your images

Drag + Drop

Drag & drop bulk files from the desktop to your website


Notify your site's visitors about upcoming events

Content Review

Receive automatic email notification of pages that need updating


Create interactive Google Maps on your website

History Tracking

Track changes made to your web pages & resources

Google Analytics

Measure campaign performance using Google Analytics


Provide interactive polls to collect website visitor feedback


Create & maintain a comprehensive products database


List & promote your properties in a structured manner

Experiment & Optimisation

Easily manage Website Optimizer tests to improve your site's performance

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