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As of 28th March 2012, Google has sunsetted Urchin by Google.  This means that despite our status as Urchin by Google Certfied Partners we can no longer resell Urchin licenses as of that date.  

It's a sad announcement from Google, but one that we have to live with.  Importantly there are other on-premise analytics solutions on the market available from globally recognised brands. Stand by for an announcment on our Urchin by Google on-premise replacement,  which we hope to announce soon.

Regardless, we know there is a strong and vibrant Urchin customer base whom we have dealt with across countries as diverse as Australia, China, Brazil and New Zealand.  Although there is no new Urchin licensing available past the sunset date, Internetrix is committed to supporting, troubleshooting and servicing existing Urchin 6 and 7 users into the future.  We see no reason that Urchin 7 won't still be processing log files and providing valuable reporting for organisations in 2015 and beyond.

Internetrix Urchin by Google Services

  • Urchin is an on-premise web analytics solution that can be installed, hosted and managed in house.
  • Perfect for Government and Financial service sector agencies who want and need data privacy.
  • Also attractive to anyone who still has concerns about analytics cloud solutions.
  • Although the product is sunsetted, we still offer our deep Urchin product and log file configuration expertise to existing Urchin customers who need it.

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