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Improve your online and website performance with Internetrix

Being one of the first companies in Australia to be appointed as a Google Analytics Certified Partners in 2007, Internetrix’s online performance division is well equipped to help you get the best website performance possible.

We continue to develop our expertise and capabilities in the areas of website tracking, data analysis, analytics reporting and analytics training to ensure that you receive optimum outcomes.

Internetrix is one of the leading digital analytics consulting agencies in Australia and China and specialises both in the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management product suite and in delivering major Google Analytics projects.

How Internetrix can help you succeed online

Get results for your business by harnessing the power of the Internet. Internetrix has the systems and programmes to help you boost your online success and track your performance over the life of the project and beyond.

We can assist in the areas of:

  • Website Performance
  • Website Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital Analytics Reports & Analytics Training

Partnering with Internetrix means navigating the world wide web together to achieve online success.

The Online Performance projects Internetrix work on use one or many of the our 5 Pillars of World Class Analytics as listed below:

1) World Class Analytics Tracking Implementation

2) Data Analysis Deriving Insight

3) Custom Targeted Reporting

4) Driving Improvement Focused Change

5) Capability Development

Internetrix offer specialist services in the areas of digital consulting, website projects and software licensing. If you are ready to improve your website performance, contact the Internetrix team today.

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