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Carlennium - help us support the Shepherd Centre

Posted by Internetrix on 30 September 2003

Regular readers and community minded citizens will remember our June newsletter detailing our role as a major sponsor for Carlennium, an annual fundraiser for the Shepherd centre.

The Carlennium rally is now only a brief 6 weeks away! As a major supporter of the 2003 event, Team Internetrix will be entering a car into the rally. At this stage we are anticipating using a classic 1962 EJ Holden as our car of choice, but there are serious concerns about it getting us across the line.

As a result, we are appealing to you, friends and clients of Internetrix, to help raise money for the Shepherd Centre, in one of the following ways:

  • Do you have an eccentric vehicle that may be better suited to the Carlennium concepts of great fun while supporting a meaningful cause?
  • Want exposure for you business by being a major sponsor of our entry?
  • Want to enter a car for yourself and share in the fun?
  • Want to purchase the 4th seat in our vehicle?
As a sponsor of the 2003 Team Internetrix entry, you would have the opportunity to heavily brand the car with your logo or other signage if you wish.

There is a great opportunity for all our readers to join in the fun and enter the rally. Otherwise, as mentioned we would like to offer our vehicle to have your logo or stickers added - importantly with all proceeds going to the Shepherd Centre. To read more please visit and if you have something to contribute to the adventure, reply to this email or contact our office on 02 4228 6464.

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Fed up with security threats? Fight back!

Posted by Internetrix on 30 September 2003

In the last couple of months Internetrix has delivered a constant flow of security warnings which have been aimed at preventing possible virus infection on your computer/network.

The latest series of viruses have been attempting to take advantage of the flaws found within Microsoft suite of Windows operating systems.

Our main recommended defence so far has been to point your browser at on a regular basis to ensure latest patches can be installed. This relies on you, and your staff remembering to patch your machines, and over some slow internet connections, this just isn't practical.

So, this month we can show you how to fight back in this world of increasing security threats, and how an investment of only a few hundred dollars can buy you peace of mind and all the efficiency benefits of not having your machines offline multiple times a month.

Our recommended solution is a new breed of firewalls - hardware devices that monitor your network and block network traffic according to rules and patterns. Previously only affordable for corporates, there are a new breed of firewalls that are priced for small business and maintained by professionals so they actually do their job (and keep you protected). There are devices capable of blocking hacking attempts, scanning incoming emails for viruses before it even gets onto your network and even content filtering (so employers can sleep a little better knowing their staff aren't downloading illegal or inappropriate content on their system).

Every month there are new threats that affect millions of users online. Considering that there are more and more people hanging off always connected, high speed network connections - which make you an attractive target - the risk is growing all the time. If you feel concerned about these potential threats and know that it is a burden for your IT support person to have to race around the office ensuring that all patches are installed for the latest virus then consider installing a fully managed firewall.

A firewall is a piece of hardware that is the barrier between your network and the Internet. By taking a few simple steps after adding a new firewall and getting some sound advice you can successfully protect your organization against the ongoing series of threats that the Internet is unable to satisfactorily prevent.

Internetrix has sourced suppliers of managed firewall solutions, and have tested and validated their offerings. When choosing a managed firewall supplier, it is critical that they are service oriented, proactive and above all trustworthy - to be introduced to one of our partners depending on your location and needs, contact us today.

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Blaster Windows Vulnerability

Posted by Internetrix on 11 September 2003

You may remember only a few weeks ago a serious virus, known as MS Blaster among other things, that wreaked havoc on computer networks around the world. This virus, most easily identifiable because of its trade-mark 60 second restart feature, was more dangerous than your average threat because it could seek you out and attack you without you doing anything.

Blaster was able to do this by taking advantage of a vulnerability - a security hole - that allowed it to break in and take control of your machine.

The bad news is that another such vulnerability (in fact three of them) has been found, and chances are you are at risk.

The good news is that there are no known exploits, or viruses, taking advantage of this vulnerability - yet.

We strongly recommend that ALL CLIENTS running the following versions of Windows IMMEDIATELY take steps to patch their systems.
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Server 2003

The easiest way to patch your system is to go to If you are unsure about this, please talk to your network administrator. If you don't have a network administrator, go to and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can download the patches directly (choose the one that relates to your operating system):

The critical nature of this matter can not be under-stated. Microsoft have taken unprecedented steps to make their partners and the computing community aware of this threat, and given its public nature, it is only a matter of time until a worm is created that exploits this weakness - make sure you don't get caught by getting up to date.

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Introducing Telstra Country Wide

Posted by Internetrix on 20 August 2003

They say there are two things in life you can't avoid - death and taxes. In Australia, we could probably add a third: phone companies. In Australia, odds are, for many people - and businesses - working with Telstra or one of their competitors is a compulsory part of doing business today - you simply can't get by in this modern world without being connected.

The 'compulsory' nature of these dealings and the fact that mistakes happen often leaves people feeling frustrated. With most problems related to service and communication with customers, Telstra have taken concrete action to be more accessible and approachable to their customers, particularly businesses. In regional areas, this initiative is known as Telstra Country Wide - a geographically focused management team with customer service and technical staff who are there to help.

Telstra Country Wide was established 3 years ago to provide improved services for rural and regional customers by establishing local management teams in each region. Riding on the success of this initiative, the Illawarra region came under Telstra Country Wide management in January 2003.

Telstra country wide staff are available to assist any customer who is not satisfied with the results of their inquiries or the service they are receiving from Telstra. All of our customers are requested to raise their initial inquiry with Telstra's front of house staff via 13 22 03 for residential faults or 13 22 55 for business faults.

If your fault is not repaired to your satisfaction or you are experiencing ongoing issues with your service, then Telstra Country Wide's management team can be contacted on 1800 032 059 to escalate and manage your complaint through to a satisfactory conclusion.

The big difference between these guys and other parts of Telstra is that they a geographically focused, know their territory and are not 'departmentalised' in the same way as most of Telstra - they can help you across departments, across services, delivering the customer service and account management that most businesses really need.

In addition, Illawarra customers will find that Telstra Country Wide's working partnerships extend beyond repairs and connections to a number of community sponsorships. This support of the local community provides Telstra with an opportunity to thank their customers and provide further face to face contact.

At Internetrix, we have a good working relationship with the Telstra Country Wide team, who provide us with up-to-date information and alerts on issues such as ADSL outages, etc, with levels of detail and responsiveness that has not been possible through "official" departmental channels.

Unlike other departmentally focused parts of Telstra, staff at Country Wide are available to meet with their customers, at either of their offices in Wollongong or Mittagong, or on site at their customer's premises. In addition, they can bring with them all of the resources that are available through their local office: service and technical managers and support staff, communications consultants, project managers, mobile telephone specialists, billing and sales support - all provided without charge as part of the service that Telstra Country Wide offers to their customers. It just takes a phone call to arrange an appointment.

From our point of view, this has been a pretty major change in dealing with Telstra, and has given us a welcome and overdue level of support to help us to support you, our clients. If you are finding it hard to get answers, results or the level of service you deserve, give Telstra Country Wide a call 1800 032 059.

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Online intimacy - get to know your online visitors

Posted by Internetrix on 20 August 2003

Imagine you had a shop that had 200 people per day come in and have a look around. And imagine you were standing there behind the counter, not making eye contact, not asking them if there was anything you could help them with.

And imagine if each of these 200 people then left your store, and you didn't know if they were men or women, old or young? Imagine if you didn't know what products they looked at, and which ones they didn't?

And finally, imagine that rather than spending your time and energy serving them when they were in your store, you spent all your time and energy (and money) just trying to get them to the store, and then assuming that just getting them to walk in was a measurement of success?

Shamefully, this world of madness is actually the reality for most websites, with more emphasis on "hits" - people walking into the store - than on customers, people or service.

In coming months, Internetrix will be introducing a range of techniques, initiatives and tools, all aiming to increase the 'intimacy' between you and your online visitors.

The process of building online intimacy is not easy due to the anonymous and technology centred nature of internet interactions. By default, people who hit your website are anonymous, and in most cases, your visitors like that - forcing them to enter a username or password to view your company profile is a sure-fire way to make them view someone else's profile!

While technology can be a foe, it can also be a friend too. An example would be the use of tracking variables through a website - when someone comes in, you can follow their movements through your whole website; imagine trying to do that in a retail store without being seen as creepy!

If you have any questions on how you can increase the online intimacy through your website, don't hesitate to email us, and stay tuned to this space in coming months for a series of hints and tips that will help you realise a better return on your online investment.

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Recent Projects - August 2003

Posted by Internetrix on 20 August 2003

Previously known as Geenty Brown Orthodontists, Smileteam is a leading Specialist Orthodontic practice with Centres in Wollongong, Shellharbour and the Southern Highlands. As part of a broader rebranding exercise, the Smileteam engaged Internetrix to develop a website in conjunction with Wisdom Graphic Design & Advertising. Driven by the Freestyle CMS, and including an up-sized version of the Connect Newsletter and customer database, this site will form a central hub of future customer service initiatives for this professional practice.
Check them out online at

Illawarra Alliance Online Petition
The Illawarra Alliance is, as its name suggests, an Alliance of representative organisations working to create better outcomes for the Illawarra region, just south of Sydney, Australia. The Alliance has recently focused a lot of energy at getting government support for a container terminal at Port Kembla, and as a part of this campaign, the Illawarra Business Chamber (a member of the Alliance) approached Internetrix to develop an online petition. This tool allows people to sign up to a petition, and then also email their personalised comments to relevant ministers and other public officials. This makes it easy for anyone to voice their concerns and have their message delivered instantly.
Check out the petition at

Empower Australia, managers of, recently undertook a new project for the youth marketplace centred around the university student demographic, known as Nightlive. Including maintained content through a series of specialist writers, as well as a public 'blogging' section for people to post their own pages, and the ability to post photo-galleries, Nightlive is a single destination for a range of entertainment and youth-culture updates. Driven by an enhanced version of Freestyle to provide easy control for Nightlive webmasters, this site was turned around in less than a week - an outstanding effort by all involved.
Check out the new site at

Access Business Lawyers Surveys
Access Business Lawyers is a business law practice with offices in Wollongong, Campbelltown and Parramatta. Recognising the importance of customer service to their business, the Access team approached Internetrix to develop a range of online surveys. Anonymous in nature, and covering a range of short answer questions, these tools are designed to gather some concrete feedback from clients regarding their experience and perceptions of the Access Lawyers operation, helping identify areas of strength as well as points for improvement.
Due to the nature of these surveys, the best way to get a look is to contact Access Lawyers via

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Announcing Proofreading Service - Audit Complete

Posted by Internetrix on 20 August 2003

You may remember from our March newsletter the announcement of a new proofreading service for our clients. Offered by Colleen Mitchell, this service is of critical importance to any website, particularly if it receives a lot of traffic.

Colleen comes with the proven ability to sharpen your message and correct any errors or ambiguities. She has worked for the University of Wollongong, Local, State and Federal Government departments, small and large business sectors, publishing companies and individuals, and has co-authored more than 30 publications.

Website content is very easy to overlook - after all, how often do you browse your own website with a critical eye? Undertaken as part of our integrated maintenance services, Colleen has spent many hours over the last month or so going through a large list of websites, looking for potential problems. This is a low-fuss, high value way we can help maximize the effectiveness of your online presence.

In the coming weeks, you may receive a friendly email from Colleen or another member of our team with the results for your website in particular, and if you would like her to have a close look at your site and give you some suggestions and feedback, please don't hesitate to call or email us to arrange it.

Undertaken as part of our standard maintenance services, this is a low-fuss, high value way we can help you get the most you can out of your online investment.

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Online Petition - Influence Government Online

Posted by Internetrix on 20 August 2003

Influencing government policy is something that most of us leave up to special interest lobby groups and talkback radio jocks. Yet how often do most of these people represent your opinions, your needs and your vision of the society you live in?

The reason so few of us take the time to engage in the political process - even though its outcomes effect us all - is that the time and effort of getting involved is seen as too great, either because barriers to being noticed are too high, or because we realise that the chances of our single voice making a difference are pretty slight.

A communications tool, developed by Internetrix, was launched this month by the Illawarra Business Chamber that aims to eradicate the difficulties in joining a campaign by putting the power to express your opinion quickly, easily and effectively in your hands.

The IBC, along with other groups including the Australian Industry Group, forms a part of the Illawarra Alliance. The Alliance is working hard to secure political support for the construction of a Container and General Cargo terminal at Port Kembla, just south of Wollongong. This development would create thousands of jobs locally while also reducing the stress of container and cargo movements through Sydney's already congested road networks.

Using the internet was a natural evolution in this struggle to ensure common-sense prevailed against other factors in this important decision.

The solution involves utilising the IBC website to put forward the case, and then an invitation to sign the petition.

If the signatory has an email address, they are presented the email campaign component, which features personalization and of a petition document which is then automatically emailed to a dozen relevant politicians and representatives.

Finally, once someone has signed onto the petition, they have the option of entering the names and email addresses of their friends and associates, which then emails them and invites them to sign onto the petition themselves, with a link through to the website.

If you want to try it our yourself, visit the Online Petition at

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Internetrix ranks in Top 15 Australia Wide

Posted by Internetrix on 20 August 2003

Internetrix Interactive Designer, David Clarke, was this month certified as a 'Macromedia Flash MX Developer', one of only 14 professionals in Australia to earn this demanding level of accreditation in the internet's leading interactive development tool.

IT certifications validate a candidate's knowledge and skill in a specific topic or product. Certifications fill a gap between the theoretical yet benchmarked knowledge gained through university courses and the practical but hard to validate practical knowledge of the workplace. This certification independently identifies the people and companies that can "do the job" using the most powerful tools for interactive online development.
The Macromedia Certification demonstrates the specialized knowledge and skills required to effectively develop and deploy high-quality applications with Macromedia technology. Macromedia are the unquestioned leader in the internet software tools market - they provide the technology that enables companies like Internetrix to keep pushing the internet forward. Having a high level of certification in Macromedia products further demonstrates the professionalism of the Internetrix team.

"I found the exam to be a challenging and comprehensive review of my acquired knowledge and development skills. Macromedia's prerequisites for the test were quite extensive (including XML, OOP, remoting, communications server, and advanced Actionscript). I found this broad selection represents a demanding but accurate account of the skills necessary to be a true professional in this field, and is possibly one reason so few developers have been able to pass this level of certification" said David Clarke.

We thought it was important to have this kind of certification in place to separate Internetrix from the many 'fly by night' operators who have been such a feature of IT over the last few years. This Certification puts us in the Top 15 companies in Australia for using the tools that the best companies use - and that's independent validation. With less than 400 companies worldwide with this Certification, it is extra reinforcement of the confidence our clients have of our quality and skills.

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Recent Projects

Posted by Internetrix on 30 July 2003

The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS)
TIGS is a dynamic educational centre that aims to encourage the formation of capable, self-confident individuals. TIGS is a family school, providing co-educational classes for boys and girls from Preparatory to Year 12 in a Christian and caring environment. Internetrix developed the original TIGS website in late 2000, and this new site is a complete redevelopment. Backed by a powerful content management engine that allows all teachers to log in and maintain their own sections of the website. This makes it highly flexible and allows teachers from anywhere to log in and build the website.
Check the new site out now at

Mailing Professionals Interactive Demo
The Mailing Professionals is a Wollongong based mailing house delivering outsourced mail services to customers all around Australia. In late 2001, Internetrix developed an online e-commerce interface for the Mailing Professionals, allowing customers to log in and place orders, as well as allowing customers to follow their order's progress. While the system was initially developed for a key client, the Mailing Professionals are now looking to use the system as a major competitive advantage in their business, and in July embarked on a concerted direct marketing campaign to prospects. A key part of this program was the creation of an interactive online demonstration of the features of the system. Including a restricted login and user tracking engine off a database, and a competition to manage the participant sweepstakes, this system is a great example of using different tools together to create a great outcome.
Unfortunately, this system requires a passcode to access. For a demonstration, contact us today.

Australian Doctors Trained Overseas Association (ADTOA)
ADTOA is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of doctors in our community who can struggle to get an equal footing in the professional medical sector for a range of reasons. ADTOA acts as an advocacy group for these minorities, and conducts a range of awareness, education and support programs for internationally trained doctors. With limited budgets and resources, Internetrix created the look and feel for the website, which ADTOA volunteers then turned into a website. While this means a few rough edges, the result for the budget available is truly outstanding.
Check out the new site now at

Chamberlain Cottage
Chamberlain Cottage is a natural therapy business that has recently relocated from Campbelltown to the north coast of NSW. With a large number of local patients who rely on the treatments of Mark and the Chamberlain Cottage team, it was essential for a presence of the Cottage to remain accessible even though the physical business was moving. Internetrix was approached to develop a simple website in keeping with the Chamberlain Cottage style. This site also allowed Chamberlain Cottage to pursue their own product sales, something that had been planned for some time.
Check out the new site at

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